Structural anchors are very sensitive to installation and must be installed only in conjunction with the manufacturer’s installation instructions and data sheet. These are different from product to product.

Good job site practices are, however, common to all families of anchors. A team of ECAP technicians from different European member states developed a practical tool for installers, to be used in job sites: ECAP’s good job site practice for installers.

The tool is one A4 page: it can be printed or read from a mobile phone.

ECAP members share as a group the management and development costs of two calculation programs on the design of structural anchors and of wood connectors. Both programs are based on Eurocodes and developed in cooperation with an engineering consultancy company and a software house.

ECAP members discuss the content of the programs, deciding how to implement it and which formulae to include, according to the present and future of Eurocodes.